Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's baaack: Saturday Random Ten

Was a little out of it Friday. Not 100% still, but doing some quick blogging.

1. Taj Mahal--Sweet Mama Janisse
2. Yuka Honda--Night Driving
3. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings--Give It Back
4. Beck--New Round
5. Elvis Costello & the Attractions--Big Boys
6. Janis Joplin--Mercedes Benz
7. Los Campesinos!--We've Got Your Back
8. Roy Orbison--The Clown
9. Dinah Washington--This Bitter Earth
10. Thelonious Monk--Ask Me Now


susan said...

I kind of thought you wouldn't be doing a random 10 this week because you were on holiday but it's a nice selection. I hope you're feeling better ♡

Ben said...

I am somewhat. Think I'm ready to go back tomorow. Today I walked along the river in providence and saw a family of geese. That was definitely a plus.