Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock n' guignol

So, Friday night, saw Repo! The Genetic Opera. I'm not all that familiar with the work of Darren Lynn Bousman. I did see a fairly-done zombie story he directed for the short lived Fear Itself anthology series, but I've yet to see any of the "Saw" movies. But I do know that he's had a fair measure of success in R-rated horror. So directing a splatter musical is a notable risk. One that has not initially paid off, since Repo didn't get national distribution.

It has, however, started to become a midnight-show sleeper in the vein of Rocky Horror, complete with costumes.

The movie's a lot to take. Explicit organ stealing, non-stop goth-metal songs, and the whole thing seems to be filmed on a wired soundstage. Any scene claiming to be an exterior is a lie. But it's too distinctive, too crazy, not to respect. There actually is an operatic sense to it, with Tony Head's Nathan Wallace emerging as a frightening tragic hero.

And really, if I can sit through a move where PARIS HILTON SINGS! someone must be doing something right.

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