Friday, February 27, 2009

Early spring thaw Friday Random Ten

For now at least. Cold weather and probable snow seem to be coming over the course of the weekend. Good. Winters that are too short make me uneasy. I'm always rooting for the groundhog's shadow. At least one person at work knows where I'm coming from.

1. Elvis Costello & the Attractions--Opportunity
2. Tom Waits--All the Time
3. Beck--Girl
4. Don Byron--Charley's Prelude
5. Fiona Apple--Not About Love
6. Nick Drake--Cello Song
7. David Bowie--Boys Keep Swinging
8. Jimi Hendrix Experience--Burning of the Midnight Lamp
9. Heidi Brühl--Mister Love
10. Sarah Vaughan--I Wish I Were In Love Again


susan said...

I hope the snow coming will be enough to satisfy your wishes for the rest of the winter. Happily, it's March :-) Take care.

Ben said...

Ah yes, the world feels right.

Actually the only real downside is the public transportation system's inability to cope. Today, at least.