Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mind-blowing image of the week

From Dr. K's Final Final Crisis post-mortem.

But if this interpretation holds up, then it turns out to be a huge risk. It's not what a lot of readers want from a superhero comic, but because it is a huge, company-wide crossover with promised significance, a lot of readers felt compelled to follow it despite the fact that they would otherwise reject such unconventional storytelling. It would be like if MGM and the Broccolis handed over the next James Bond movie to Guy Maddin--it would definitely change the way we think about James Bond movies, but most moviegoers aren't there for that.

Wow. Imagine.

As to my own view on the FC finale, I do like the fact that much of it is focused on rebuilding the world rather than defeating the enemy. There is some of that, but Darkseid winds up screwing his own pooch, really. And I have a certain fondness for nonlinear storytelling.

The beginning.

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