Monday, January 19, 2009

The insanity of a new generation

From Roy Edroso's column at the Village Voice.
That's grand mischief, but merely speaks to rightbloggers' usefulness at spreading propaganda from the central office. They're much more adorable when they come up with their own stuff. So at the end of the pre-Obama era, let's review some of the outrages they needed no help to discover -- like the Pepsi's new Obama-fied logo and campaign, and all the companies rightbloggers will have to boycott because they've climbed aboard the Obama bandwagon.

Now, I thought, "He must be making up the Pepsi thing." And how I wish he were. But he's got links, and people are actually talking about this.

For context, here's an image of a Pepsi bottle from the fifties.

If somebody accused the Obama campaign of plagiarizing Pepsico's logo, it would be embarassing and inane, but at least it would show a grasp of cause-effect relations.

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