Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dishonor roll

The Buffalo Beast has its annual 50 Most Loathsome People in America list out. These are always worth multiple reads. I'm not particularly stung by the "You" entry. Ha. These people have no idea what an asshole I can really be.

The beasties have, though, zeroed in on one of the people most responsible for the effectiveness of working the refs.

36. Ron Fournier

Charges: Since taking the reigns as AP Washington bureau chief in 2006, Fournier's steered the notorious just-the-facts wire service toward an opinionated brand of reporting he's dubbed “accountability journalism.” It sounds good, but when the country's most widely syndicated news outlet pawns its right-leaning opinions off as hard news, everybody gets a little more stupider. Fournier's “Obama walks arrogance line” article from March was the genesis of one such dumbed-down national conversation.

Exhibit A: Told Karl Rove to “Keep up the fight" in a recently revealed e-mail.

Sentence: Falling out with Rove, “accidental” plane crash.

Oh, that's sweet.


Matthew Frederick said...

People bemoan the internet sources of news as slanted, but at least internet sources are up-front about it.

Ben said...

I see what you mean. They don't have that air of Great Truth which can deceive so many.