Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apres le deluge

We've had a big buildup of snow so far. And heavy rain was forecast for today--accurately. Silly, naive Rhode Islanders. I've heard some people with short memories saying, "Maybe it will wash away some of this snow." Well, it washed something away. This was one of thise nights when it became impossible to cross the street without stepping in ankle deep water.

Which is a temporary annoyance. And I like snow. But a lot of people really don't. One guy I saw today was using his boot to write "I hate snow" in the snow. And this sort of anti-Winter mania causes some magical thinking.


Linda McGeary said...

To bad people who hate snow have to live in it.

Here in central Oregon we've had very little snow, but more cold than usual.

You must have read the book Medicine Cards too. I have Owl within.

Ben said...

I have looked it over, yes. A few years back a friend of mine helped me draw my medicine cards. I know basically all my animals and could probably match them with the directions, given time. It was a neat experience.

Still cold?