Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Doctor in the house

Congratulations to Matt Smith on the new gig. He bears a certain resemblance to the young David Bowie, so I wonder if he'll be painting the TARDIS red, like so.

Smith will be the youngest Doctor to date, surpassing Peter Davison. Now Davison was amazing in the part, and Tom Baker before him had also been the youngest to date, so it's not necessarily a question of "too young." (What I've seen of Tennant has been very good too, even if the scripts seem to puff him up a little too much.) It is a little sad, though, that both producers of the New Who seem to have given up on older, crankier actors. The character shouldn't have to be young and sexy. One would think he can buy his own drinks.


susan said...

One of these days we'll be checking out some of the newer doctors. Can't go on missing Tom Baker forever, can I?

Ben said...

Well, you can. But he's moved on and seems to be living a happy life, even without K9.