Sunday, August 24, 2008

One for the formerly bald guy

So, in case you're David Blaine and have been practicing that fifteen days in a coffin stunt, you know that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is Barack Obama's running mate for the '08 election. To be honest, the selection doesn't overjoy me. Like much of the Democratic establishment, he has--especially in the foreign policy arena--often put looking tough ahead of making the right decision. Other guilty parties include Bob Kerrey, John Kerry, and Tom Daschle. And like all these guys, Biden has wound up failing at both tasks.

But one thing about him is that he wants this. He wants to get to Pennsylvania rather than rack up even more ungodly levels of Senate seniority. And being VP means that he'd get the top job if anything were to happen to . Incentive enough for him to go after the Republicans with everything he's got, which is what the running mate needs to do.

I still would have preferred Jim Webb, but apparently he didn't want the job. Anyway, no one asked me. Steven Moffat will pick the next Doctor and Obama's pet wonks pick the running mate. You can't be too disappointed when they don't heed your messageboard comments.

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