Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Well, bad news first. Peter Milligan's take on Infinity, Inc. has bit the big one. In retrospect, it was probably destined to be short-lived. The 52 miniseries introduced these characters as well-hyped (within the 'Verse) usurpers. They were not reader favorites going in. The odds that you could change that by showing their therapy sessions were long, outside of Norway maybe. Still, it was an interesting idea, and well executed. Milligan did help his continued employment prospects by making the downer ending a cliffhanger setting up someone else's (Sean McKeever, I think) fall miniseries.

From another British M-guy of note, Grant Morrison, comes issue #3 of Final Crisis. So far it's not entirely clear if this is another of the major Universe-reshaping series, like COIE and Infinite Crisis, or if it's an eccentric side-project that Morrison can afford to do. It is good to see Shilo Norman looking all natty. There were complaints from some quarters that the story was too slow. That can't be said anymore, though. This issue has Barry Allen, zipping around very much alive. It's got a potty-mouthed Mary Marvel with her head shaved but for two pink ponytails. (So evil doesn't make everyone look cool.) And as the cover indicates, it's got Wonder Woman with tusks.

Don't say that you love me!

In all, it may be a bit of a mess, but it's a mess with color and a variety of tones.

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