Thursday, March 6, 2008

The slapfight goes on

About this:

Not much reported in the rest of the country was the kind of nasty-ass weather we had primary day. Oh, it was lace curtains of rain rather than heavy drapes, and you bet I've seen the latter. Still, it was the kind of afternoon/evening where you have to change as soon as you get home.

Here in RI Hillary was helped by a friendly demographic (largely Catholic, white & Hispanic, etc). In other parts, her 3AM ad may have put her over. That's just sad. For the past seven odd years we've had a president whose first instinct would be to knock the phone off the endtable and keep sleepin'. So in that respect, either she or Barack* would be an improvement. Given my druthers, though, I'll pick the one less likely to be an enabler.

Still, the survival of both candidates makes things interesting. The rules have been contrived to deliver an early winner, and that ain't happening. Here in Rhode Island, we were perhaps pleasantly surprised to find that our votes in this thing would actually count. It seems that may be the case for all the primary locs, up to and including Puerto Rico, at least for the purposes of building a superdelegate-proof majority. Share the wealth, I guess.

*To be fair, I have to use either first names for both or last names for both.

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