Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh no! Not Elmo room!

It's laundry night, and i'm also trying to improve myself with some Eudora Welty, so it's a good time for a short post with visual aids.

You know, much as I love Schoolhouse Rock, this one doesn't quite tell the whole story. Yes, it was nice to stretch out after being cooped up in Europe all those millennia. Yes, there was dangerous passage over the Atlantic, and covered wagons, and all that good junk. But didn't this continent sort of have people living on it already? They found out PDQ that they're oceans would no longer protect them. And that these fair-skinned visitors had pretty sharp elbows. Ask a Semonole or Ojibwa about it sometime.

So in conclusion, it's 2008. Where the hell is my damn Martian condo already?

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