Friday, March 7, 2008

Black Friday (Random Ten)

A sunny day, a rainy night, good times.

1. Tori Amos--Black Dove (January)
2. Broadcast--Michael A Grammar
3. Thelonious Monk--Suburban Eyes
4. Fairport Convention--Fotheringay
5. Esquivel--Perfidia
6. Velvet Underground--The Black Angel's Death Song
7. The White Stripes--Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine
8. Ladytron--Weekend
9. REM--Tongue
10 Brian Eno--Everything Merges With the Night

On his own FTT, Tom Hilton asks "What's the most obscure thing on your list?" I can't really claim anything obscure. Warp recording artists Broadcast are well known among hipsters. I'd point to the Esquivel as the most unusual. It's from The Sights and Sounds of Esquivel, which was released a couple of years ago but recorded live in the '70s. The big E is best known as an pioneer studio wiz, so hearing him do his live revue thing is different and interesting.


Tom Hilton said...

Great list...and thanks for the link!

Ben said...

You're welcome, and thank you for the compliment. I've been enjoying you, Aimai, and the others a lot recently, and thought it was cool you were still doing this feature.