Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Electoral melodies

Election years may bring out a certain nastiness. It's been rumored. But you also see some enjoyable effervescence. Case in point: the McCain Girls. (Found thru WFMU's Evan "Funk" Davies)

This song and video raises certain questions. What on Earth does it mean to "get totally John McCained"? Why is the brunette in the slinky top the one least shown? Am I high?

If you hang with any lobbyists, they may be able to answer the first of these questions.

Among YouTubers pulling for Barack Obama is founding Twisted Sisterer Jay Jay French. He's retooled one of his band's signature hits for the cause.

Of course this video might be missing something. Like, say, video. Maybe plans were changed when Niedermeyer couldn't make it.

But I find both of these rather charming. In a job I held in college, you could pretty much depend on hearing Rush Limbaugh three hours a day. This included the high-larious song parodies where a Bill Clinton "soundalike" would trudge through "God, I'm a lying pervert" lyrics. Eventually similar schtick started appearing on oldies stations. So for me, it's kind of a relief to hear parodists at all skill levels ak-sentuating the positive. There's an innocence associated with boosterism, regardless of who's being boosted.

Ah, you ask, But what of Hillary? Well, this isn't exactly a parody...

Nor is it necessarily the kind of thing that Sen. Clinton is going to use. But c'mon, could it hurt? Taryn is a little skinnier than I usually find attractive, but DAMN!

Sadly, the man who could arguably add the most to the art of the campaign song is no longer with us. Take it away, Wesley.

He could make Alanis a serious candidate, and she's Canadian. Think what he could do for your candidate.

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