Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tatulli, madly, deeply

My rule about newspapers (for younger readers, they look like pita pockets but are made out of grey wood pulp) is that if all the sections I want aren't there, I don't buy it. This is common sense and refusal to be a victim. It's not like the newsstand will give me a break because the product is defective. Heavens no!

So anyway, I wasn't able to find a complete copy of the Boston Globe today. For that reason I wound up buying the Washington Post. My word. It doesn't make a very good case for itself to those aforementioned newspaper-avoiding youngsters. Couldn't they give David Broder an assignment befitting his talents. Cheese critic, maybe?

One good thing, the magazine has a nice, challenging crossword. Another good thing, their selection of Sunday comics. It was cool to see "Lio" (oddly enough not on the paper's website) at a larger size than on the interweb.

Look at that robot's eyes. Mark Tatulli has been studying his Gahan Wilson, methinks.


susan said...

Ahhh! He's very good, isnt't he? Thanks for posting this one and just as well you missed your regular paper for once.

Broder at WaPo and Kristol at NYT - both good candidates as cheese critics.

Ben said...

The thought of Bill Kristol reviewing cheese does give me a laugh.
"This camembert has been in Europe too long, and thus lacks the grit to combat Islamofascism."