Friday, January 18, 2008

Hack or no, it's the Friday random ten

One of my friends recently gave me an iPod Nano (which sounds like something Mork would say) over the holidays. I mostly listen to it at work, where I've rigged it with a pair of headphones from a CD Walkman. Not down with putting things inside my ear.

Anyway, it gives me a chance to play the (intermittently) popular blogging sport of the random ten. Ten songs played while on random shuffle mode. So here goes.

  • Tom Waits--Widow's Grove*

  • Shudder to Think--X-French Tee Shirt

  • Neko Case--At Last

  • Elvis Costello & the Attractions--Little Triggers

  • Brian Eno--Over Fire Island

  • Taj Mahal--Corinna

  • The Kinks--Too Much on My Mind

  • The Beastie Boys--Shazam!

  • Sarah Vaughan--Too Little Time

  • LCD Soundsystem--Movement

We may do this again soon, who knows?

*Quite possibly the greatest murder ballad ever recorded.

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