Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Now the waiting starts

I finished a short story recently, or at least it seems finished or what passes for it right now. Tonight I was planning to send it off to an ezine that seemed like it might be a receptive market. Had everything all formatted and ready to go. Then I noticed the announcement saying they were close to submissions and wouldn't be open again until September.

There's another ezine I just found out about. After weighing my options I sent the story to them. Largely because I didn't want to just sit on it for another two months. Still, the first one still seems like an interesting outfit, so I plan to submit something else to them, not sure what or when.

Also I transplanted a ladybug from the indoors to the outdoors tonight. They're cute enough so I'm not quick to squash them, but I'm not keen on having a lot of bugs living under my roof.


susan said...

It's a shame your preferred ezine had closed down for the summer, but good to found another possible venue for your story. I hope they like it and that you're able to write more that you like enough to submit in future. I know it's not an easy thing putting one's work out there for judging.

Thankfully we don't see too many bugs in here either. I agree the best place for them is outside - even ladybugs who are kind of cute. Some months ago I learned there are indeed house spiders who don't do well outdoors. Nevertheless, I wouldn't do an interview on my way to the nearest window.

Ben said...

The place I sent it rejected it after a couple of days, but sent back a nice note. It might have been an issue with the story being the wrong sub-sub-subgenre, which is annoying but something everyone goes through. Back to looking up contacts.

Spiders are tricky because they help control the insects but if there are a lot of them you get bitten too. I guess keeping them to certain mostly unseen margins is my approach. Hope those I've evicted have done okay outside.