Monday, July 10, 2017

Lend an ear, bend an ear...

On impulse I bought a few ears of corn earlier today. So part of tonight's dinner was corn on the cob. I'm pleased to relate that cooking them in the oven, damped with a little water and sprinkled in salt, works just fine. Didn't even need butter, although there was bread and butter.

No, the excitement never stops.


susan said...

Have I ever mentioned my admiration for the way you devise the most intriguing titles for your posts? Did you know you can bake ears of corn by wetting the husks themselves? You just trim off the extra silk and bake in a 350' oven for half an hour. I'm glad you discovered the method on your own.

Ben said...

It's cool that the husk can be integrated into the cooking process. As long as you've got time to clear away the silk, at least.

I'm glad you enjoy the titles I come up with. Trust me, they seem to arrive more through desperation than inspiration. Maybe there's no difference.