Friday, July 28, 2017

Not particularly original thought

The world is filled with noises. More every day. Many, no doubt, are entertaining. Through all that, very few seem to be listening to what's underneath, what has lasted and what will last.

There have been others who have said similar things before. They have also been right. In different times I'm sure it's been true in different ways.


susan said...

Many of the noises that fill the modern world aren't so pleasant. I've read about tribes who sing the sounds of the natural world that surrounds them - insects, birds, tree frogs, tumbling waterfalls, and the soughing of trees in the wind - making their world a soundscape as well as a landscape.

It's not especially easy to find examples but this is quite nice. Do you remember the Pygmy water music album?

btw: Attack the Block is well worth watching.

Ben said...

Somehow I had never been acquainted with the word "soughing" so I have you to thank for introducing me. The nice thing about the sound of wind in the trees is that it's (close to) universal. It's something we city dwellers can tune into as well. Birds as well, to some extent.

Wow, that is something. Water makes sound, of course, and even has a resistant surface. Those folks got creative with it.

Borrowed Attack the Block from the library system. I'll be catching it this week.