Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Without a clue

I had a feeling something was up. And it turned out to be pretty easy finding out what it was.

See, the Boston Globe gets its crosswords, as well as the bulk of its comics, from Universal Uclick. And today's wasn't just too easy. There were so many 3-5 letter answers that it raised huge red flags.

So, back to the drawing board, guys. Sorry about the plagiarism accusations, but you need to do better.


susan said...

I can't even imagine having the job of inventing crossword puzzles every day of the week. No wonder there are some (probably) inadvertent copies.

Did you hear this one?

Touring Ireland's countryside with a group of travel writers, we passed an immaculate cemetery with hundreds of beautiful headstones set in a field of emerald-green grass. Everyone reached for their cameras when the tour guide said the inventor of the crossword puzzle was buried there. He pointed out the location, "Three down and four across."

Ben said...

There are some commonly used words that no one seems too jealous about, like "alee" and "olio." "Eno" as well, although I don't know how many puzzle designers spin Before and After Science on a regular basis.

I hadn't heard that story about the graves in Ireland. It certainly gives me some respect for the tour guide.