Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hay there

Here's a Cape Breton roadside attraction I sort of regret never being able to see. The founder of Joe's Scarecrow Village had a neat idea and from the few pictures at the link seems to have put a lot of work into it. Closed in 2011, though, which is a shame. The vandalism couldn't have helped, but the Massacre actually seems to have happened early in its run. Admittedly when I Googled "scarecrow village" I was thinking of an actual municipality made up entirely of scarecrows. Maybe the mayor would have a pumpkin head.


susan said...

He (or she) wouldn't be the first to have a pumpkin head.

It must have been a surprise for that farmer when he first found all those tourists standing in the field he'd just planted. Being a blithe down-easter I can see how the attention would have amused him and the characters were great.

Ben said...

I have to imagine that these straw-stuffed characters would be an impressive sight at night, lit by the moon and/or electric floodlights. And yeah, the farmer must have been tickled when people started showing up to gawk.