Monday, March 21, 2016

March in its "embarrassed lion" stage

You could say that winter tried to reassert itself a day into what is officially spring. Tried and failed, monumentally.

It was predicted at the end of last week that we'd have snow coming into this week. That prediction held, and Sunday night my boss called me and said we weren't opening until ten on Monday. I got up this morning and indeed did see big flakes falling, but they were melting almost immediately. By the time I got out of work the streets were dry and wearing a winter coat felt silly. Still, I'm not going to complain about being able to sleep in and not get docked.

Might complain a little about the library. I went there in the evening, it was supposed to be open till 9PM, but the lights were off. There was a note on the door saying "Closed because of 'parking ban.' Absurd." Which is understating things, since they're not even scheduled to open until 1, and if there was a parking ban it had to end way before that.


susan said...

After what's been the same unusually warm winter everyone seems to have had this year we too have been having what they euphemistically call 'a winter mix' around here. The good thing is the snow came and went just leaving the cold - briefly as well, we hope. What a way to welcome spring, eh?

One thing I've wondered about this winter is just how many coyotes are running around Canada without their tails? It seems like every other person I see outside is wearing a down coat with a fur trimmed hood. It seems to me they provide much more benefit to the coyotes themselves than to the people who spend the greater part of winter inside. What ever became of the campaigns to shame people who wore furs (those who weren't Eskimos living in igloos, that is)? I know there are some who call coyotes vermin not deserving of life, or their tails, but in that case I wonder why don't we see more fashionistas wearing rat pelt pants, mouse tail belts or cockroach hats? I guess I still don't understand the average Canadian.

I liked that 'Absurd' at the end of the library note.

Ben said...

The nights still get pretty chilly. Which isn't all that bad. The trouble sleeping will come about three months from now when we start having really hot nights. Well, time approximate.

I'm agnostic on fur in general, leaving it up to the individual wearer. Me myself I don't feel the need for it, although I might in truly arctic climes. "Vermin" is a loaded word, though. Lots of Canada is still wilderness, so you can't say coyotes don't belong there. (Could some of these be fake furs?)

The "Absurd" was a nice touch. Would love to know which librarian added it.