Monday, April 14, 2014

The big glitch

Wow.  I spent a big part of this evening at a certain Starbucks trying to write or to do something, anything at all.  Somehow the wi-fi in this place is so bad that it sabotages the functions on your computer that theoretically have nothing to do with going online.

On the bright side, the impossibility of getting anything done made me get up and leave, walkng downhill to wait for the bus at the tunnel.  Which got me looking at the sky during and just after sunset.  I'd consider that a silver lining.


susan said...

That sounds like a seriously glitched wi-fi at that place. I'm glad to see your computer still seems to be working okay.

Sunsets can be truly wonderful, can't they?

Ben said...

It's working quite well, all things considered. I don't know. Maybe that place gets interference from the Brown network.

And yes they can be, especially when the air is right.