Friday, April 4, 2014

Fiscal follies

Near the end of the week I tried to use my ATM card to make a withdrawal and I couldn't.  Why?  Because it was expired.  So I should have gotten a new one.  I called the bank to ask what was up and they said they'd sent it in February.  Ah, but they sent it to my old address.  Which is frustrating, because I updated my address with them, and they had it on file, but not as my residence.  Which makes me wonder what they thought I was telling them.  Of course there's been another takeover recently, so maybe they were just really excited about that and couldn't concentrate.  Any way, it adds up to a few days' inconvenience and a lot of head-scratching.

Saturday Random Ten tomorrow.


susan said...

You'd think that with every bit of official information computerized this sort of thing couldn't happen - until you realize their programs are like people in a rocky marriage who often don't talk to each other.

Ben said...

I think that's exactly it. There are all sorts of electronic forms for you to fill out, information for you to provide. Ultimately, though, you may run into a brick wall of non-communication.