Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today I was gathering my stuff together, gerring ready to go out and catch a bus to the laundromat when all of a sudden the phone rang.  Caller ID said it was "wireless caller" and displayed a number I didn't know.  When I answered a woman with a heavy foreign accent asked if Benjamin ______* was there.  I said "This is he."  She said that she was his mother.  Well, to that I replied, "I know my mother's voice, and this ain't it."  Well, then she asked if my middle name were Isaac, which it was not and is not.  So I wasn't who she was looking for.  She then asked what the other towns in Rhode Island were.  Well, we're a small state, but we have enough towns so that listing them all would be as time consuming as it is pointless.  When she asked what the nearest one was I said maybe East Providence, although from where I am it's probably Pawtucket, but neither of these things seemed all that helpful.  Finally she asked what my company was, which just left me all, "Company?  What the—?

Also, there's apparently a comic out now where the Riverdale gang are zombies, or getting eaten by zombies, and it's actually published by Archie Comics.  It's official.  Reality is trolling me.

* Keeping a little anonymity here.


susan said...

I wonder what that was all about. At least she didn't try to sell you insurance or ask you for ten minutes of your time to take a 'short' survey.

The Archie comic link was exceedingly creepy. Now I wonder what they're thinking too.

Ben said...

I would have liked to have helped her, but for one thing I was pressed for time. For another, there were hard barriers to communication. Language not chief among them, as she spoke English, if not fluently. Salespeople and most surveyors I manage to avoid most of the time.

The Archie folks are probably angling for readers who have more of an appreciation for dark humor and/or horror. The thing is, this kind of deconstruction is best suited to satire, which is best done by people outside the castle.