Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today at the place where I volunteer the lady who's been supervising me the last couple of weeks (I kind of float from place to place) set up a computer and left me to it.  When she was gone, a guy said she was trying to get credit for my work and called her something that rhymes with "stunt."

I don't really care about profanity in the workplace, in general.  Nor am I going to assume the fellow is a sexist just from that.  There's not enough to go on.  From the context it's plausible he was trying to help me.

Thing is, though, even when I'm a paid employee I avoid office politics like the plague.  Going into work every day with the predisposition that some people are allies and others are enemies?  Don't really need that.  Yes if someone fucks me over personally or does something over the line - and this is important, if I know about it for sure - then yes, that will affect my attitude toward them.  But this is not a situation to be embraced.

Really I try to approach all of life like that.  The universe isn't helped by me having an opinion about every little thing.


susan said...

The times I was singled out for abuse at work were rare but memorable for all that. I never went after anybody though, since those people's lives and problems seemed complicated and sad enough they didn't need further pushes from me.

Ben said...

I can imagine. If somebody is close to the edge you don't want to get involved with what they do next. I do hope you had friends you could turn to, though.