Thursday, July 4, 2013

"America" is MIA

I was intending to put Prince's song "America" up in celebration of Independence Day.  It's kind of a polarizing song, even among his fans.  Some don't like him getting preachy and political, while others are rubbed the wrong way by the song's sort of conservative tone.  I've always found it fascinating, in part because of the tension between the lyrics and the music.

To post it, though, I'd pretty much need a video.  Not an official music video, or even necessarily something with moving images.  Just something I could embed in the place where a video would go.  And as far as I can tell there's none online for that song.

It always surprises me these days when something isn't on the Internet.  We've just been conditioned to expect everything will be.  Inconvenience aside, maybe I should be relieved.


susan said...

'Teacher, why won't Jimmy pledge allegiance?'

It's a great song all right - no doubt about it even if it's not one of the more upbeat messages. Goodness knows he's earned the right to say (or sing) what he thinks.

You're right it's always a surprise not to be able to find something in particular on the Net. That may be just as well but what always comes as a shock is finding out that books you enjoyed reading have gone out of print.

Ben said...

He does some of his more aggressive guitar work, which also helps make it a memorable listen.

Yeah, from being in a book club I've learned that some things you think would have a recent edition have been out of print for years. Usually you can still track down a used copy, though.