Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday I was at work and spent half the day with my computer basically useless because most things require it to be connected to the main network, and my connection was out.  I thought at first that someone else would complain, but at some point I found out that I was the only one with a problem.

Today I was doing laundry.  I loaded clothes and money into one of the washers.  When I went back to check on it about 20 minutes later, I found that the laundry was sitting in soapy water.  The washer had filled, and then done nothing else.  The attendant said he had never seen anything like that happen before.

I guess why have regular bad luck when you can have X-Files bad luck?


susan said...

Isn't it amazing to think that not all that long ago workers didn't even have computers?

I'd say that attendant hadn't worked in the laundromat long if he'd never seen a washer break.

Ben said...

The presence of computers in the average office is a huge difference. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, but it's big.

If I were to frequent this laundromat again - not likely because my new place will have its own nearby laundry - I'd probaby break a few more just by being there.