Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few days now

I'm steeling myself for the trauma of moving.  Why trauma?  It's not that far.  It's not a bad place.  And I have at least one friend helping me.  It's just the one of those things that I'll like looking back on more than I'm looking forward to it.


susan said...

It's never usually the how far but the transition itself that's a bit disconcerting. I'm glad you have a friend to help. There's probably still time to call a local moving to carry the big stuff. They're less expensive than you might think.

susan said...
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Ben said...

Unfortunately pretty much all the movers turned out to be booked solid. Apparently if you're pulling up stakes at the end of May you need to get to them a few weeks ahead of time, at least in college towns. Live and learn.