Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Really clicking

I wonder. Could typewriters continue to be made, strictly as musical instruments? It's an intriguing possibility. The business is taken over by the makers of percussion instruments, rather than business machines. Perhaps there could be special models for muted sounds, or things could be insterted that cause a alight reverberation.

And wait until you hear the secretarial jam sessions!


susan said...

That was an excellent performance, one I actually remember hearing long ago. I'm sure your idea for typewriters as musical instruments, or at least percussion sections, is bound to catch on.. somewhere.

Ben said...

There have been a couple of other examples. One of Brian Eno's early solo songs "China My China" contains a typewriter solo. Nick Cave's group Grinderman seems to have used it on a couple of songs too. I hold out hope for the formation of typewriter combos.