Wednesday, April 3, 2013


That ain't good. At some point in the "creative" process here, somebody thought that it would be cute to tout Ford's convenience for mass-hauling bound women. If they didn't say it out loud, the intent came through loud and clear.

At least it was amusingly clueless when McDonalds was encouraging coitus with its cheeseburgers.


susan said...

It was a bad idea. On a similar note, I read an article this morning about young white women visiting India who complain of being groped. They showed a picture of a 20 something blonde in an Indian city wearing high cut shorts and a tiny halter top. There used to be this thing called common sense.

I loved the part in the second article you linked to about the CNN producer who ordered the writers to consult the urban dictionary when they composed the screen crawl.

Ben said...

I'm a little skeptical about the picture you describe. It's not unusual for Western media to put a sexy blonde face on things, to get more people to read/watch.

Hee hee. Yeah, that was a good story.