Friday, April 19, 2013

Definitional Friday Random Ten

The occupational hazard that comes with being an introvert is that people may mistake you for a misanthrope.  Some of us are solitary by nature, at least at times, but want to make and keep connections with other people as well.  It's a constant struggle to make this clear.

1. They Might Be Giants - Sometimes a Lonely Way
2. Patsy Cline - She's Got You
3. Grizzly Bear - All We Ask
4. TV on the Radio - Blues From Down Here
5. T-Rex - Interstellar Soul
6. The Magnetic Fields - Swinging London
7. Kat Edmonson - Nobody Knows That
8. Ladytron - Tomorrow
9. Sun Ra - What's That?
10. Sly & the Family Stone - I Can't Turn You Loose


susan said...

You're far from being alone in your struggle to make and keep friends. It's always been next to impossible for me to make small talk which seems to be a key way for many people who interrelate more easily. I read this post by Carl Kingdom some months ago that you may find interesting.

Nice FR10 this time. I imagine you can't call that number in NY to listen to the latest THBG song any more.

Ben said...

I loved that article. The man gets it. #5 seems especially spot-on.

According to this authoritative article, TMBG disconnected their Dial-A-Song number in 2008. Someone else started one a couple of years later, though.