Friday, October 5, 2012

Rhyme and punishment

Okay, so!  It looks like I could be in limbo for a while longer.  Luckily I'm still getting to work every day, which is good because I'm pretty good at my job so that's a comforting routine.  But yeah, it could be a few weeks before I'm back in my own place, which won't be the same place as before.

That being the case, I don't want this blog to lie totally fallow until I'm in a new situation. So I figure on doing some interim things. First up, a video from the Glove and Boots team, which the friends currently hosting me introduced me to. Childhood memories traumatized with love.


susan said...

It's most cool to see people inspired by Henson and Seuss taking it to the next level.

Nice to see you back taking up some space in Blogtopia. Good luck with your search.

Ewa Walter said...

great blog ! and invite you to greet :-)

Ben said...

There's a number or two I intend to call this week. Knock on wood. My original intent was to stay off the blog until I was settled into a new situation. Turned out that would have been a very long wait, and the prohibition wasn't putting me in a better frame of mind.

Mario does kind of look like Animal in anxious middle age, doesn't he?