Monday, October 8, 2012


This song has been occurring to me lately

Recently in Europe, there has been a lot of tension over money. Countries like Greece and Italy thought it would be great to join a unified market and ditch their own in many cases devalued currencies in order to better compete in the world marketplace. But they did not become immune from economic downturns. Their old way of devt-spending to keep the citizenry afloat and start a turnaround - essentially Keynesian in principle, if sometimes referred to as socialist - is now held in disapproval by more technocratic countries like Germany. So is there any way out?

The band above is Big Audio Dynamite, which Mick Jones started after being kicked out of the Clash. It was the lead single from their eponymous debut, and it's not hard to see why. It comes off as a straightahead dance song, even sounding like the name of a dance move, and perhaps with a side of "yay us" to the side that will soon score a decisive victory in the Cold War.

That's not quite what Jones is singing about. Nagging questions remain. He doesn't think it's an altogether good thing that the Soviets are swinging our way, even if their way was no better in practice. If capitalism is the only game in town, is it then the only game that anyone even thinks about? What do you do about the problems that arise from it? The wackily costumed jury is still out on that one.


susan said...

In general, I think most people who work for a living are pretty sensible about how they budget their income. The big problem recently has been (and has always been) those who are too greedy and short-sighted to delay any gratification. Whether it's old fashioned royalty or modern oligarchs, those who demand all surplus be given to them immediately so they can buy stupid stuff, destroy the fabric of the social contract. Maybe Mick Jones saw it coming or maybe it was just a great song. I do know I'm glad we got to see them at the Living Room.

As far as economic futures go this seems like a reasonable compromise. The Mondragon solution sounds pretty interesting too.

Ben said...

Those do look like interesting approaches. I can't say that I'm too surprised they don't get much mention in the media around here.

Yes you did get to see them. I had almost forgotten that. Didn't they have Strummer on the team too? Both of them are/were incredible.