Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yesterday I was reading at my table in an eatery/drinkery. One of three gay guys who—Okay, I'm guessing on that part, but it's a pretty well-educated guess. Anyway, oh yes, one of these men asks if I'll take a picture of them. It's on a cell-phone, as it's likely to be if someone asks you to take a picture in the year 2012. I'm not really used to digital camera technology, though, so I snapped two pictures to increase the likelihood of getting it right

There was a time when I might have thought of this as being put on the spot. Depending on mood I guess I could still see it that way. Really, though, it's an opportunity for positive interaction, and that's not an imposition at all.


susan said...

Thank goodness nobody's asked me to take their picture for a while since if they handed me a cell phone I wouldn't know what to do.

A blog friend made me laugh by calling iPhones 'Zuckerbooks' recently. Okay, so I'm easily amused.

Ben said...

You know, saying the word "zuckerbooks" out loud makes me smile too. Don't know what it is.

They had it set up so that I could see the button I had to push. Only thing is there's no weight to it, so it's hard to hold it steady. Probably not something I'd use on my own.