Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things to ponder, part ???

Can't blame her for not dating guys who approach her on the basis of seeing her show. That must get old pretty quick

But I have to wonder how you find out that this is one of your talents. How do you learn that you are one of the few who can successfully pull off this truck, and not one of the many who would painfully and perhaps fatally lacerate your internal organs.

Even more so, how did the first sword swallower come about? Since the Stone Age swords had been used to kill food animals and battlefield enemies. Who first said, "I can fit one of those in my trachea, and I'll be just dandy." My first thought was "failed suicide attempt", but that's about the least attractive method.

Sidenote: I haven't been good about responding to comments, mostly because I've been logging in while minutes away from passing out. But I'm getting to that.


susan said...

Having heard stories about Vietnamese show girls who can shoot darts with great accuracy from unlikely parts of their bodies, this story comes as no big surprise. I always wondered what made them think of doing that. Fire breathing comes to mind as well.

I'm glad you've stopped passing out.

Ben said...

Yeah, whatever you think of those shows in Vietnam, you can't deny that it's a show.

Yeah, I like to at least sort of be in control of my passing out.