Friday, January 21, 2011

Whited-out Friday Random Ten

More snow came early this morning. It probably came to half a foot, maybe eight inches, and the plows got to it in due time. It was weird during morning commute. And Thayer St was largely without electricity. Meaning that a bunch of stores and coffee places couldn't open and the traffic lights were out. That was kind of anxious.

1. Don Byron--The Penguin
2. The Fiery Furnaces--Ray Bouvier
3. Kendra Shank--Wish
4. Brian Eno & David Byrne--The River
5. Esquivel--Good Morning Heartache
6. The XX--Night Time
7. Soul Coughing--Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
8. The Beatles--Mother Nature's Son
9. They Might Be Giants--Women and Men
10. Talking Heads--Who Is It?


susan said...

We had snow followed by strong winds and rain that day which resulted in bare ground again. It's bitterly cold out there today but the sun's getting brighter.

Winter's just one of those seasons we can never be sure about. Glad you made it home okay for the FR10 and the rest of what I hope was a good weekend.

Ben said...

Oh yeah. Made it home fine. The only really bad night I've had, weatherwise, is when I walked home along Governor On a night of heavy rain. The rain couldn't drain, so ultimately there was no way to avoid deep puddles. Luckily my boots kept most of the water out.