Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, Chris Christie.

Christie, the Governor of New Jersey. New Jersey, a state hit particularly hard by the post-Xmas blizzard. You might think he'd want to be there for it, if only because it would look a little better than speeding down Splash Mountain while Jerseyites can't get out of their doors. But you'd be wrong. And if both he and his lieutenant governor were out of state for the entire emergency, you might think he'd show some humility and remorse. Rather than clutching at "My first responsibility in life is as a husband and father." Then lying about still being in contact with the Senate president.

I think the Rude Pundit put it best.

With no due respect, Gov. Christie, fuck your kids. And fuck your wife. You can say, as you did, "I know what my responsibility is. And I know my responsibility as a father. I wanted to be there with my kids," but you just used the oldest excuse in the book and let your apparently whiny fucking children and obviously shrewish wife take the blame for your monumental fuck-up. Here's a tip: if your first responsibility is to your kids' getting to ride Space Mountain on their Christmas break, then don't fucking run for office.

And he doesn't even get into the school superintendents getting axed immediately with a cursory email.

Somehow this abusive prick is being touted as presidential material. The bartender must have just yelled out last call.


susan said...

Maybe he's attempting to act Presidential - ie, Bush/Katrina and Obama/BP Gulf. Horrible to think this kind of behaviour has become fashionable among the political elite.

Ben said...

Maybe. I don't know. Can you really get away with major league arrogance when you're playing in the bush leagues (no pun intended)? Time will tell.