Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting DC in the closet

It's no surprise that those such as Jim Jordan are jumping at the chance to deny civil rights for LBGT Americans, no doubt in the hopes of ending those scary and confusing dreams about black penises. It's depressing, but it's one of those things you come to expect.

But it's a jarring reminder that in the 21st century, the District of Columbia doesn't even have home rule. If you can get both houses of Congress to agree, you can inflict any draconian and/or moroynic law on the residents of the nation's capital. It's hard to imagine DC being used as a legal playground for culture warriors if it were richer and whiter.

"Hard"? That's unfortunate wording. Try "impossible."


susan said...

It's all so sad and petty.

Ben said...

Oh, it is wrong all over the place.