Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making a scene

The artist who bills himself as Scott C is obviously something of a movie buff. And he's gone about immortalizing some of his favorite scenes at the site Great Showdowns. Not just any scenes but, as he puts it, "the struggles that make us stop what we are doing and sort of check things out… wondering what the eff." And as the cherry on top, he does all of this in an innocent, presentational style worthy of books for young readers. See, for example, this immortal scene from Babe Goes to the Dentist Marathon Man.

“Is it safe?… Is it safe?”

Scott C. provides the quote on-site.

Such awesomeness. Thank God I was bored at work today so that I could find this.


susan said...

That's a very cool and clever site. I'm glad you were bored at work today too.

Ben said...

It does have its upsides sometimes. :-) Of course maybe it's also good that this blog is still pretty much anonymous.