Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Random Ten on a Friday and everything!

Technical issues resolved. Re-installed iTunes on the advice of a worker at the Apple Store, and it worked.

Busy day at work today. Probably busiest of the last couple of weeks. Mostly the afternoon, so I was going at a pretty fast clip, then stopped and went home. I guess that's the way to do it.

1. Brian Eno & David Byrne--Strange Overtones
2. Arcade Fire--The Suburbs
3. The Magnetic Fields--How to Say Goodbye
4. XTC--The Somnambulist
5. Blossom Dearie--I Wish You Love
6. Beck--Beautiful Way
7. Nina Simone--Sugar In My Bowl
8. Esquivel--Rhapsody In Blue
9. Tom Waits--Never Let Go
10. The Kinks--Mr. Pleasant


susan said...

Glad to see the random 10 back in place. I'd temporarily forgotten Esquivel.

Nothing like going flat out to make a day go by.

Ben said...

Esquivel was a true charmer. I love listening to him.

And you're quite right about going flat out.