Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good cleanish fun

Okay, so last night I do laundry. The place is just down the street, so I can walk to and from home a few times while attending to business. When the wash cycle is—I figure—about done, I get ready to go back to the laundromat. I notice on my bed there's a dirty sock, a pair of boxers, an undershirt. Even though I'm not washing more than my biweekly loads, for some reason it had a hard time all fitting in the laundry bag.

Well, as noted, the wash part of the night is just about done already. But I don't want to wait another two weeks when I do laundry again to wash this stuff. So I make a plan for afterwards.

When laundry proper is done, I fill up a big cooking pot with water. Water and suds from a high-powered dish detergent. I put in the stray clothes and let them sit for a while. Then I fill the pot with hot, soap-free water, for a rinse. A few minutes later, a second rinse. It's practically winter, so the heat runs constantly at night. I hang the clothes in the shower, and then find space on a radiator for them. Should be pretty much dry by the next day.

All part of my ongoing project to find the most ghetto way of doing everything. And to try it at least once.


susan said...

You made me laugh.

Ben said...

And I didn't even have to stomp on a piano.