Friday, July 16, 2010

Chop-chop Friday Random Ten (with video)

I was working alone today. Not alone in the building, but in own corner. A woman asked near the end of the day if I was lonely. Please. Too busy to think about loneliness, plus I was mentally half out the door. Luckily this was not one of the days--and I've had such this week--where I spend the whole day wanting to sleep. Just a couple of spells, this time out.

1. Sonic Youth--I Love You Golden Blue
2. Macy Gray--Harry
3. Marvin Gaye--What's Happening Brother
4. Roy Orbison--I Never Knew
5. Georgie Auld--You're My Thrill
6. Chris Isaak--Beautiful Houses
7. Sarah Vaughan--Days of Wine and Roses
8. Roxy Music--Would You Believe?
9. Luciana Souza--Muita Bobeira
10. The Magnetic Fields--I'm Sorry I Love You


susan said...

If your co-workers are anywhere near as boring as a number of mine have been your reaction to the question is understandable. Never mind she already proved my point by asking :-)

Ben said...

Well, I like a lot of my co-workers, but I dig what you're saying.