Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 color revolution

The Westboro Baptist Church? Fred Phelps? Yeah, you've heard of them. They've found reason to protest the funerals of Iraq War soldiers for aligning themselves with the homosexual agenda, and that's with Don't Ask Don't Tell still in effect.

So it's not much of a surprise that this same group went to San Diego to protest the Comic Con over something... the continued existence of Joss Whedon maybe? The surprise--and a pleasant one it is--is that this group of conventioneers was so well prepared for them. Who's cooler? The Bender with the "Kill all humans sign"? Or the Velma Binkley* with the sign raving about the Cylons. I may put up a poll later, but I might never make up my mind.

*It's a cute chubby girl with glasses. Given the context, Velma seems the most likely identity.


susan said...

I have to admit Bender's sign is my particular favorite. People everywhere are ready for those jerks except, unfortunately, for the ones attending the funerals.

Ben said...

Well yeah, if you're one of the bereaved, you won't be prepared for that kind of onslaught. But maybe if there are more events like this, it can wear down some of the protesters.