Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a small small world

Surprised that something like this--Disney's acquisition of Marvel Comics--didn't happen earlier. Marvel is a tempting prize because they have readily identifiable characters. Of course now comics themselves are probably not going to be the top grosser for that division. No, this is a matter of synergy, and of course books on how to treat at bridge.

Mickey and Donald can take a couple of days off a week now. On those days, visitors in Orlando will have a Beretta trained on them by a tense and sweaty Frank Castle.


susan said...

It's kind of nice for Stan Lee but all the same, as someone said this morning - 'The result of Disney getting their hands on anything good is always kind of creepy.'

Ben said...

Well, this is more of a case of Disney getting their hands on a mixed bag. How the mix is going to change is anyone's guess.

susan said...

I was thinking Miyazaki who they've actually treated fairly well especially considering the fact he only agreed to them distributing his films under strong contractual legal wording. The Marvel Universe is an entirely different matter.

We actually enjoyed the three Fantastic Four movies a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if Disney will take on the Silver Surfer?