Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to screw yourself in a browning America

Really, now. This is quite the golden opportunity, isn't it? Recycling the "but he still hasn't shown us his real, honest-to-Godfrey birth certificate" line some more. Yes, I'm sure that's going to appeal to that growing throng of Hispanic and Asian voters. The Sotomayor confirmation hearings have done such wonders already. Yeah, if you like hearing "what, you just get off the boat?" and "you speaka de English Pedro?", you'll love it on the national stage.

I wonder how many conservatives believe George Bush's downfall was his failure to be a complete bigoted asshole.


susan said...

It's all become so crazy I'm just glad we stopped watching television altogether. At least nowadays I get the worst with intelligent commentary and don't feel so bad.

Ben said...

Whenever I see one of the purported news networks it always leaves me shaking my head. Fox is the most aggressively ignorant in tone, but all seem to take the same skin deep approach.