Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From the woodwork they came

At the close of a pretty comprehensive post on the extremist right's media's reaction to probable Obama victory, David Corn writes:

Some of these attacks do seem silly and are probably designed more to squeeze money out of paranoid rightwing contributors than to sway swing voters. (Don't vote for Obama because he will let Soros loot the US treasury?) But they are something of a warning: if Obama wins, this is the tenor of the conservative opposition he will face right out of the box: sensationalized, racialized, apocalyptic, and crazy.

Well, yeah. Some of that happened with Clinton, and he was a white Southerner. The nineties, though, may have been just a faint foreshadowing. If visiting your sick grandmother only makes you more evil, you're not dealing with people who even see you as human.

Put it this way: don't be too surprised if in a few months you see the president being hanged and burned in effigy while fundamentalist clerics whip up the crowds. In Iran, Idaho, or both.

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