Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't do it like this

Tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve, when all the ghoulies and ghosties are out. If your school or work allows you to dress up when you go in, go wild. But not like this unknown comic.

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - Police say a Halloween getup apparently caused a scare that led to a search at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.

Police searched the campus Wednesday night after receiving a report of a man with a gun.

Authorities concluded the man, who was dressed in military fatigues and had his face painted, was likely toting a plastic pistol as part of a costume.

Campus police spokeswoman Milissa Wright says authorities were called about 8:30 p.m. after a report of a suspicious man at Maucker Union, where a costume party was being held.

Wright says police didn't find the man. But after interviewing witnesses, they believe he was carrying a fake gun.

Yeah, real fatigues and fake gun. That'll make some people edgy. And sometimes security is actually on top of things like this. So if "Travis Bickle" is on your list of potential costumes, see what's right after it.

And for a greeting, stick with "Happy Halloween!", "Trick or treat," and a simple "Boo!" Not, "God has chosen me as his earthly instrument of retribution." It's kind of wordy.

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