Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something just weird, something surreal

I'd say that three times in the past three days, we've had torrential downpours, when looking out the window you might think you were on a submarine. (I know, submarines don't have windows. Shut up.) But they've been very brief, so that the gathering clouds, burst of thunder, heavy rain and dispersal all happen in the space of an hour. One storm lasted today from after one until around two. By five the ground was dry. Strange, when you're used to a sort of chunkier version of England's fine mist.

And for a guy who had a talent for painting turbulent skies: This is an interesting review of a Dali show. I'm nowhere near Florida, but if anyone reading this has been to the exhibit they;re talking about, let me know. The focus seems to be on his relationship with Gala, which I didn't know much about. The way she showed up in so much of his work, I've always figured that if they weren't married, she would have had him arrested. But by quite a few lights, it was a constructive influence she had.

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