Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Random Ten: Busy Half-Day Edition

Felt way under the weather this morning, which kept me away from work for a while. When I got there, a lot of work had to be done in a short time. Luckily I had some good tunes to help me along.

1. Queen--Love of My Life
2. Dr. John--What Comes Around (Goes Around)
3. Elvis Costello & the Attractions--Busy Bodies
4. The Stanley Brothers--The Lonesome River
5. Moby--Machete
6. The Velvet Underground--The Murder Mystery
7. The Go-Go's--Head Over Heels
8. The Brunettes--Stereo (Mono Mono)
9. Soul Coughing--4 Out of 5
10. 8½ Souvenirs--My Baby

For some reason the ol' iPod only displays the last band as "8 Souvenirs."

That VU song is so trippy and great I had to include it.

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